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Yes, you ARE perfect! When I was studying for my Fine Art degree, I felt inferior to people who were good Draughtsmen. In the end, I decided to do my own thing and not worry about what I felt were my lack of drawing skills. I discovered that, years ago, in the US, a movement started called Abstract Expressionism. I loved their free and automatic way of working and I took on lots of their ideas. Suddenly, I found people sitting in front of my work meditating! This is just to illustrate that, by doing your own thing, rather than doing the sort of work you feel people will like, you can expand your confidence and you’ll be able to see that you are absolutely fine as you are.

I now treat creativity ‘holistically’ and add lots of practices, such as meditation, Kashmiri Shaivism and using all the senses. So really, my classes are about ‘conscious creativity’ rather than just doing a painting that you can take home with you. It’s a space for experimentation. I’ve discovered that you don’t need anything added to you or taken away from you in this now moment. If we feel we are lacking in any way, we take from the world, instead of letting the world come to us. Can you ‘allow’ this moment, exactly as it is? If you feel you cannot, can you allow that instead? This relaxation and allowance is the ‘return of the feminine’, the return of respect and joy in who we are and allowing ourselves to be exactly as we are, right here, right now in this present moment. Allow yourself to drop into the love and depth of your own heart, your own inner-knowing, where all answers are revealed to you in the sacredness of yourself…… Allow the sensation to come to you…..

In my Art workshops, which are about being consciously creative, at the beginning, I do a little exercise to get people to see where their awareness mainly lies at present. When they drop awareness from the mind to the heart, I feel there’s always some fear. You see, we are taught that everything comes through the mind, and it’s thought that if we take our awareness from here, we end up like non-functioning ‘blobs’!!! This is totally untrue. When we drop our awareness to that area, theres just more relaxation and ‘presence’. When there are no thoughts, theres just direct perception. It’s the complete opposite to what we thought was the case. David Bingham says that “The mind is given too much attention by us, because we’re told that the mind represents 100% of our consciousness but in reality, the mind represents less than 1% of our consciousness and the rest is non conceptual awareness.”

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Denise Blackburn and bluebells
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