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Hi!  My name is Denise Blackburn and I’m an Artist, and Teacher of Presence. I run frequent abstract painting workshops and  have a degree in fine art (painting) .  I also have qualifications in Polarity Therapy (energy balancing using the 5-element system), Emotional Freedom Technique (eft) and Infinity Healing. I have worked with lots of interesting people, namely Mary Masselos (7-Tone Healing Method using music), Rose Rosetree (empathy), David Cousins (Cosmic Elf -healing/sufi-greeting transformational work) and recently, Christiane Prendergast (Kashmiri Shaivism).  I regularly practice Tibetan Overtone chanting when I feel moved to do this.  For years, I thought that the whole purpose of life was to go on a path towards spiritual awakening, culminating in this awakening happening after a number of years of work on myself. I did notice, though, that most people who thought they would ‘awaken’ never did.  This is because ‘spiritual awakening’ is not an experience as it is outside time and space and it’s our natural state.  After searching for a long time, doing various workshops to transform myself and become ‘clear’, I gave up the search.  After giving up this search, I discovered nonduality. All of a sudden, I knew this was the truth.  The ‘teachers’ were relaxed and extremely down to earth and spoke from the heart and were not even attached to what they taught!!!!  They didn’t mind whether you believed them or not because they point to the truth which everyone on the earth already is and therefore can discover for themselves.  Also, because I have experience as a body therapist, I could feel the truth of what was said through the body.

As the truth permeated through me, I realised that everyone on the earth knows this truth of who we are, but because it’s so ‘close’ and familiar, it’s overlooked by most people.  I laughed out loud when I discovered this, because most of us constantly struggle to find happiness but this happiness and peace is who we are and we are always, already awake!  It was under my nose all the time, through all experiences in life. People started to seek me out, even strangers would become very relaxed and open.  Sometimes, they would just sit and be in silence as they didn’t quite know what they were experiencing but knew that this resonance helped them to feel at peace.  I realised that I had complete acceptance of myself and everyone else as we are all totally innocent!  It doesn’t mean that you don’t disagree or fall out with people.  It just means that you have an underlying ‘okay-ness’ with everything.  We start ‘seeking’ because of a feeling of incompleteness and through being taught we need to make ourselves better than we already are. 

My work now is to help you become aware that you are already complete. You don’t need anything added to you or taken away from you in any way. I can ‘Hold a Space’ for you to be as you are.  The simple realisation of this helps the body-mind to relax and be ‘in the now’.

abstract painting workshop in the woods!

‘The Fragrance of Freedom’ :

Osho said “Creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence”.  This work is for people who want to be conscious of their creative flow, rather than being a normal art workshop.  It’s for those who want to become more aware of perceptions and sensations whilst painting and I take some ideas from Kashmiri Shaivism, which I have been studying for the past year, along with nonduality which I’ve been interested in for many years. 


  • ENGAGE ALL OF YOUR SENSES: smell:  create different smells in your environment, eg use a diffuser with essential oils – you can use relaxing oils for times you want to contemplate and open to your next ideas, or stimulating, in order to get-up-and go with excitement! Interesting and comforting or stimulating cooking smells (eg baking or coffee or curry) can also do this. Taste:  Make interesting combinations of tastes which inspire you and make yourself something you’ve never tasted before.  Hearing:  play music or make music and follow the sound.  Sight and touch:  Fill your home with beautiful colours, interesting things that inspire you and lots of different tactile fabics.  Scout charity shops for inexpensive things which are interesting to look at and place them around the house.
  • MAKE A PERMANENT ARTS AND CRAFTS TABLE: It doesn’t matter how small a space you have, if you have a permanent set of creative materials around, you are more likely to use them but only if they are also placed in an area where you will notice them!  Maybe have a small table or tray in your living room, with paper, paints, pencils, pens.  It’s a bit like being a kid again and having a little art table!  Ideally, the ‘table’ needs to be somewhere you spend time every day and if you keep some of your creations around it, the practice of noticing them as you walk past will inspire you to do more.
  • Stay ‘grounded’!!! Mother earth is infinitely creative .  Walk barefoot in the grass (weather permitting), spend time in nature eg – walking in your local park or sitting on a bench eating your sandwiches, instead of staying in the office over lunch.  In summer months, eat outside and study what’s around you and take it in.  Absorb it through your senses.  Touch a tree, feel the bark, smell it. Let the sensation come to you.
  • Don’t restrict yourself to one type of pursuit in the form of creativity. Cooking, weaving, felting, sewing, painting, drawing, dancing, music are all mediums by which we create something. Anything artistic is alchemical – ie,’ the transformation of the individual at the same time as the formation of an object’. This ‘object’ can even be a dance or piece of music.  Whilst looking for inspiration try to surprise yourself by, maybe, once a week try using a  medium or practicing a  pursuit that you’ve never tried before.
  • Be aware of the cycles of nature as they are also connected to the cycles within ourselves. There are times to ‘go within’ and times to be more outwardly and extrovert.  Allow both. This awareness and connection to everything will help to expand your creativity and also help you to stay grounded in the present.




I offer POLARITY THERAPY  and INFINITY HEALING  1-1 sessions.  The Polarity therapy sessions are between 45 minutes and 1 hour and I charge £30 for the first session and £25 thereafter.  I can also do chakra balancing separately.  This takes approximately 20 minutes to half an hour and is £15.


Polarity Therapy is a body-based alternative therapy based on the ‘Ayurvedic medicine’ idea of the body, mind and spirit being a balance of all five ‘elements’, ie, Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth.  At the beginning of the session I will ask you a number of questions to ascertain which element needs working on in you and I will do a sequence of lightly touching different points on the body to balance and align these elements for you.  This therapy also includes cranial-sacral therapy and chakra balancing and nervous system treatments.  An example of what can happen after a session is that sometimes a person can become clear about making a decision in life, or just feel more relaxed in their body, or get better sleep and calming of the mind.


Infinity healing sessions are between 15 minutes and half hour and I charge £15.  If you’d like to be attuned to the frequency of Infinity Healing so you can practice it on yourself and family, this costs £75.  I have a free sample on you tube entitled ‘Infinity healing golden heart attunement’:  This is on the ‘meditations’ page overleaf:-


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