My Art Workshops: Next workshop is Saturday 26th March, 3-6pm in Dorking (£40 with snacks and materials)

We will do a mixture

I focus on keeping away from a narrative and practicing Abstract Expressionism and usually get people to make a mess in a space where you dont need to ’produce’ a piece of art. its a space to experiment…

This workshop is not for you if you want to take a masterpiece home with you to show your family! It’s about being consciously creative and feeling free. We usually start with a quick relaxation exercise and a cup of tea and a chat. I take an artistic example of what we will loosely be doing as a guideline. For example, last time we had a look at how Howard Hodgkin takes his paintings off the edges of the canvas or wood and onto the frame surrounding it, giving a feeling of freedom and boundlessness. We then do a few paintings making a mess and also seeing what we can do with colour and sometimes texture. We use cheap paint and paper (so we won’t get attached to what we produce) and paint with fingers, twigs, rollers (household rollers and art rollers) and rags! My focus is to keep things fairly childlike and messy. By becoming ‘innocent’, we can relax and let it flow…

Jean Klein said ‘The object is consumed in the joy of our being’

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